• The common diseases of husky and how to treatment

  • The common diseases of husky and how to treatment

    husky and treatment of common diseases

    1, husky dog flu
    husky dog flu is characterized by upper respiratory tract mucositis systemic disease.physical illness mostly weak and husky dog puppies.husky cold more as feeding mismanagement, sudden change in weather caused by exposure to cold.dogs, usually a sudden lack of energy, fear of cold.

    spring or fall weather, more common in the cold season after the cold bath.reduce resistance to dogs after cold, upper respiratory tract mucosal defense function decreased, subsequently upper respiratory viruses and bacteria in the large population, resulting in increased cold.

    performance characteristics of dogs, manifested as depression, appetite decreased sharply even waste must, fever, and there are chills, conjunctival flushing, two shy out in tears, cough.nose out of the nose in the early stages of serous fluid, and later into the mucus or yellow mucous, and then into the thick of after discharge.often accompanied by nasal itching, dog scratching the nose often used front paws, scratch easily lead to injury.uneven skin temperature, apex and limbs off the end of cold, respiratory rate increased.

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