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    type: Small Dog
    categorize: Companion dogs, Watch dog,
    shoulder high: 25-28cm
    weight: 6-8Kg

    body figure size: 8
    Adaptation level: 1
    Movement needs: 8
    can train degree: 6
    exciting degree: 6
    care and love needs: 4
    noise degree: 6
    to kid friendly degree: 4
    to stranger friendly degree: 10
    to animal friendly degree: 6
    orientation in the city: 7
    Cold-resistant degree: 10
    Heat-resistant degree: 4

  • pug Temperament

    Pugs are babyish dogs with big personalities. They abide to adulation and to be admired and were bred for one reason: to be your companion. They will try to abide in your lap, eat your food, and beddy-bye on your bed. They are abundantly playful, outgoing, adaptable, happy, lively, and affectionate. They allegation beastly accompaniment to survive, and will not do able-bodied at all if larboard abandoned for connected periods of time. Your Pug will ambition and allegation to be allotment of your family. A Pug will absorb his action by your side, every moment of it. They are accomplished with accouchement and are usually able with added animals in the household. Pugs are low-activity dogs. They admire the circadian walk, but don't allegation hours of exercise anniversary day. They don't like baptize (most cannot swim) and they don't like Frisbees or balls. They like to lie in your lap instead. You will allegation to be accurate that your Pug doesn't exercise to the point of overheating. You will admission to be abnormally acute on hot and boiling days. Pugs, due to their collapsed faces, artlessly cannot abide acute temperatures and can die in a abbreviate aeon of time. They should never be larboard alfresco unattended. They adulation to eat (and eat and eat!), and so are decumbent to obesity. So you allegation to watch how abounding you augment them and get them accomplishing some exercise. They are able and trainable, but are about apathetic to housetrain. They are aswell not car-smart and will be safest in a fenced-in yard. In short, these affectionate little guys abide to charm you, and they apprehend to be the centermost of attention. They are funny, cocky, sensitive, and cuddly. But you should apperceive that they tend to sneeze, snort, and snore ... and fart ... a lot. Hey, at atomic they don't case much!

    pug Training

    The Pug is harder to alternation than a lot of added dog breeds. He learns new commands added arid than the majority of added breeds. You will allegation to be added accommodating if training him.

    pug Acclimatized Health

    The Pug has some bloom problems mostly because of how they were bred. These problems awning acute breath problems acquired by their abbreviate cage and ulcers on the cornea and deepening of the cornea acquired by their eyes bulging. Added bloom problems are just genetic, including allergies. Aswell acclimatized are colds, eye weeping, and derma problems. Abounding Pugs acquisition it harder to accord bearing by itself and allegation Cesarean Sections. Accession important affair for owners to bethink is that Pugs will calmly over eat and become obese. Action assumption for a Pug is amid 12 to15 years.

    pug History

    Pugs apparently developed in Asia about the 5th aeon BC. However, there are abounding accession theories. What is affected is that the brand concluded up in England afterwards British armament activate the dogs in China during an attack. The brand was acclimatized a allotment of artists, as a accompaniment in monasteries, and as actualization accessories during the Victorian Era. If pugs assuredly acclimatized in Europe afore the 16th century, they bound became adopted as a admired pet of the wealthy. In 1885, the Pug was assuredly acclimatized by the AKC.

    pug Highlights

    Pugs can be adamant and difficult to housebreak. Crate training is recommended.

    Pugs can't abide top calefaction and clamminess because of a abbreviate cage (air cools down if it passes through the noses of dogs with best muzzles afore entering the lungs). If your Pug is outdoors, watch him anxiously for signs of overheating. Pugs are in actuality housedogs and should not be kept outdoors.

    Despite their abbreviate coats, Pugs afford a lot.

    Pugs wheeze, snort and snore, loudly.

    Because their eyes are so prominent, Pugs are decumbent to eye injuries.

    Pugs are acquisitive eaters and will allegation if acclimatized the chance. Aback they accretion weight easily, they can bound become adipose if aliment assimilation isn't monitored carefully.

    Pugs allegation beastly connected beastly companion. If you own a Pug, apprehend him to coursing you about in the house, sit in your lap, and ambition to beddy-bye in bed with you.

    Pug enthusiasts are a alive bunch. They adulation Pug get-togethers, Pug parades, and bathrobe up their Pugs.

    To get a advantageous dog, never buy a puppy from an capricious breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Attending for a acclaimed agriculturalist who tests her ancestry dogs to accomplish abiding they're chargeless of abiogenetic diseases that they adeptness canyon assimilate the puppies, and that they admission complete temperaments.

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